is a contemporary American poet, novelist, and photographer.

Making Room: Baltimore Stories

2017, Leaky Boot Press, 172 pages, $15.99

"A charming, chilling story within a story, at the center of which lies one of the great truths of human existence, a truth some will go to incredible lengths to hide from themselves. New Millennium Writings had the privilege of honoring "Yo Scheherazade" in 2007, and we're pleased to report that a decade later, its slow unfurling and reveal is a pleasure to reread and recommend."
–Alexis Williams Carr, Editor and Publisher, New Millennium Writings, writing about one of the stories in Making Room.

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A Warding Circle: New York Stories

2017, Leaky Boot Press, 184 pages, $15.99

The magical warding circle on the cover is called "Conjured Harm Returns to Sender." In the title story a beautiful young artist struck by lightning in the Catskills shows the reader just how returning harm to the sender works in the New York art world, where jealousy, not talent, often decides the lives of artists. All the conventions she'd lived by now strike her as absurd as new intuitions lead her to correct her life course, fashioning a warding circle to protect a fragile group of friends. She is wrongly accused and betrayed by her mentor, a museum curator. When her mentor's life is shattered Artemisia draws her into the circle of protection. Based partly on the life of a real and now famous artist, this story describes a young woman struggling in an art world ruled arbitrarily by men.

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Mean Bastards Making Nice

2014, Leaky Boot Press, 166 pages, $14.99

Two powerfully original novellas are set in the New York art world. In "The Pain of Wearing Our Faces" a Manhattan art teacher and her student, a famous composer, pledge to entertain each other as they try to stay sober. He confesses to plagiarizing his most famous work, then disappears. She follows him to Woodstock and finds the woman whose music he stole. In "Grace" a Catskills teenager runs away from an abusive father, hitchhikes to the city, and is briefly homeless before finding a job as an art mover and installer. Just as she begins to believe in her future she faces betrayal by her boss.

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Guest Boy

2012, Mira Publishing House, UK, $11.99 or £4.00

Bo Cavalieri, a laconic sailor, earned a Silver Star from the Navy as a frogman and now sails the world as a Merchant Marine officer. Many shipmates treasure his drawings of themselves that Bo gives them, drawings that recall Parmigianino's. His adventures in Hamburg, Morocco, Italy, Oman, Somalia, Edinburgh, and New York echo The Odyssey and The Seven Voyages of Sindbad. Forthcoming in 2017 from Leaky Boot Press along with the final two volumes of the Light Piercing Water trilogy.

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2012, Bliss Plot Press, NY, 112 pages, $10

Few writers about the Mafia listened to the notorious Frank Costello, Vito Genovese, and Tony Gallo drinking marsala and chatting in a kitchen, but Marbrook did, and he celebrates it with a poet's ear in this haunting tale of redemption.

"Not just another run-of-the-mill Mafia novel."
–Small Press Bookwatch

"Saraceno is an electric tone-poem straight from a world we only think we understand. An heir to George V. Higgins and David Mamet, Djelloul Marbrook writes dialogue that not only entertains with an intoxicating clickety-clack, but also packs a truth about low-life mob culture The Sopranos only hints at."
–Dan Baum, author of Gun Guys (2013, Alfred A. Knopf)

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